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The vehicle tracking solution is becoming very popular in Nigeria. The reason for this popularity can be attributed to the deregulation in the telecommunication industry. Almost all the wireless operators in Nigeria offer Vehicle tracking as part of their Value Added Service (VAS).



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Nigerians’ fleet managers are beginning to appreciate the power Automatic Vehicle Locator AVL can offer them. They can track all the vehicles in their fleet from the comfort of their offices. They can thus manage their fleet better and at minimal cost, they can enforce their company’s policies on miss use, check over speeding, and manage crises or emergencies better etc. The sheer size of Nigeria’s market is exciting especially for the international companies involved in vehicle tracking and these companies are flooding the Nigerian market with several tracking solutions. The indigenous companies in Nigeria are giving these foreign companies a chase for their money. Spatially accurate digital maps form the bedrock of all tracking solutions.




We have developed street level map for some 120 cities across Nigeria.



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STL has become the largest supplier of large scale spatially accurate street maps developed primarily for the vehicle tracking industry. These maps were developed from high resolution imageries like IKONOS panchromatic (1m) and Quickbird (0.6m) panchromatic.

Street Routable



Street Data


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Are you starting a new Vehicle tracking business in Nigeria?

Is your vehicle tracking business suffering from using bad maps for tracking your vehicles?

Is your business dependent on pirated maps sold cheaply by non-professional map peddlers in Nigeria?

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STL's Street Routable is an intelligent and detailed street centreline database that details the road network across Nigeria in a seamless digital (vector) format. In addition to street names, suburbs and road hierarchies, it also includes speed, traffic direction, one-way, and other routing functionalities. Our Street Routable product is used for vehicle tracking that requires routing capabilities.  >>more





Street Data is a digital (vector) street centreline dataset derived from the same databases as Street Routable. It has the same geometry and accuracy as Street Routable.

Street Data has had all navigation attributes removed.  >>more







Currently, our digital maps power the vehicle tracking services offered by 6 Vehicle Tracking companies in Nigeria. 


Why do the major vehicle tracking providers in Nigeria turn to us for their map needs? Could it be because we offer the licensing payment option that allows the operators to spread the start up cost of acquiring our maps over a period of time? Or could it be because we offer regular updates on all our maps?

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