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  STL Releases a Geo-Database containing the Accurate Location of over 3,800 Wireless Masts/Sites Across Nigeria -July 2007

STL had been gathering intelligence and  competitive data regarding the location of sites/masts used by all GSM operators in Nigeria. This database contains such details as owner (operator) of mast, geographic coordinates, city, LGA, state, and mast height. This intelligence database covers the whole of Nigeria for all the major operators in Nigeria

The database contains the location of over 2,000 operational sites for MTN, about  1,400 operational sites for Celtel and some 1,600 sites for Globacom . It also contains details of over 100 masts for Starcomms' and some 70 for intercellular and Multilinks.

Database To Empower Independent Site Providers

In recent years, the emergence of independent site providers, which finance, build and own site networks that can be shared by multiple operators have revolutionized the way in which such operators do business.

While explaining how this database could assist these independent site providers, Ireti Ajala, STL's CEO said, "by leasing existing sites/masts from independent providers wireless operators can direct more of their scarce financial and human resources to more critical needs. The onus is therefore on these providers to make a good business case that will convince the operators enough to patronize them. This database will contain all they need to make convincing business case in some specific areas especially where they notice the need such as coverage holes without having to bother the operators requesting to give them such data. Hey, everyone knows how the operators guard jealously any data regarding the location of their sites. This approach is effective and direct "



Intelligence Offers Competitive Advantage      

Intelligence about a competitor is the key to a company's performance in a highly competitive market such as telecom. This is very important in Nigeria's telecom industry where operators face serious competition. This database can be useful in providing competitive information regarding :

  • Competitor's Coverage Analysis. Knowing the actual site coordinate for an operator can assist in working out the extent of that operator's coverage. To illustrate, as at January 2007, STL had gathered the coordinates of about 1,492 Celtel's sites across Nigeria.  Using the power of GIS and the location of these 1,492 sites as the basis for this analysis, STL  discovered that as at January 2007 Celtel had effectively covered about 357 LGAs in Nigeria either wholly or completely. This translates to about 293,116.311Sqkm in area representing about 31.69% Nigeria's total landmass.  >>see more.....


  • Subscriber Analysis: Using the power of GIS, STL's analysis reveals that Celtel's has effectively provided coverage for about 64,529,150 people in these 357 LGAs representing an estimated 46.09% of Nigeria's total population. This figure does not represent the total number of subscribers in Celtel's network, rather it represents the total number of people that have access to Celtel's coverage by virtue of where they live. This analysis also does not show the quality of coverage (-dbm) received.



Commenting on the reliability of the methodology used in producing this analysis, Ireti Ajala who once headed MTN's GIS unit for over 5years and who was responsible for producing similar coverage analyses for MTN Nigeria has this to say, "the key to producing such an analysis is knowing the exact location of an operator's site. The rest is simple as overlaying these sites on Nigeria's demographic GIS data using the visual power of GIS will make it possible to map the coverage of each site to an area and people living within the covered area. The rest is just a matter of statistical calculation". Ajala said "this methodology is reproducible and the result is dependable as a level of confidence of 97% is attached to this result"

Anthony Lawrence, STL's Business Development Manager said that "the gathering of this intelligence data is one of the most extensive data gathering exercise ever undertaken by any GIS company in Nigeria as it required sending several field analysts to every cranny and crevices of Nigeria to map the location of these operators' sites using GPS enabled PDAs with a GSM SIM slots. The data gathering solution architecture allowed each field analyst to send the field data within any  available GSM coverage to a server in our Lagos headquarter OTA (Over The Air) where the data integrity is checked and subsequently added to the database. This way, we eliminate common errors like typo, omission, commission, etc in field data gathering"



Wireless Coverage of Abeokuta City produced by STL using a CDMA Radio Frequency Planning tool and STL's accurate Clutter, DEM and vector mapping data for a client


GSM subscriber density map in Lagos

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Site_ID Operator Local_Govt City State GeoPolitical_Region Longitude Latitude Mast Height (m)
STLCelt8001 Celtel Owerri North Owerri Imo SOUTH SOUTH 7.10172 5.46933 40
STLCelt8022 Celtel Portharcourt Portharcourt Rivers SOUTH SOUTH 7.02939 4.74058 40
STLCelt8053 Celtel Yola Soth Yola Adamawa NORTH EAST 12.4558 9.2525 45
STLCelt8093 Celtel Tarauni Kano Kano NORTH EAST 8.545 11.979 40
STLCelt8103 Celtel Sokoto North Sokoto Sokoto NORTH WEST 5.23278 13.0617 45
STLGLO305 Globacom Koko/Besse Koko Kebbi SOUTH WEST 4.51653 11.4288 40
STLGLO278 Globacom Ikorodu Ikorodu Lagos SOUTH WEST 3.47368 6.61916 45
STLGLO142 Globacom Ningi Ningi Bauchi NORTH CENTRAL 9.56968 11.077 40
STLGLO895 Globacom Orlu Orlu Imo SOUTH EAST 7.0315 5.79304 45
STLGLO389 Globacom Wukari Wukari Taraba NORTH EAST 9.77968 7.85052 40
STLSTAR03 Starcomms Oshodi/Isolo Lagos Lagos SOUTH WEST 3.32485 6.51816 40
STLSTAR54 Starcomms Dala Kano Kano NORTH EAST 8.50547 12.0125 40
STLSTAR62 Starcomms Maiduguri Maiduguri Borno NORTH EAST 13.1494 11.8328 40
STLSTAR106 Starcomms Obio/Akpor Port Harcourt Rivers SOUTH SOUTH 7.05089 4.846 40
STLMTN1203 MTN Abia South Aba ABIA SOUTH EAST 7.349 5.14 45
STLMTN0382 MTN Ibadan South West Ibadan OYO SOUTH WEST 3.763 7.142 45
STLMTN0127 MTN Owerri South Owerri IMO SOUTH EAST 7.24 5.499 40
STLMTN0827 MTN Jos North Jos PLATEAU NORTH CENTRAL 8.888 9.949 40
STLMTN0673 MTN Portharcourt Portharcourt RIVERS SOUTH SOUTH 6.628 5.24 45
STLMTN0746 MTN Nassarawa Kano KANO NORTH EAST 8.563 11.962 45
STLMTN348 MTN Akure North Akure ONDO SOUTH WEST 5.142 7.316 45


Comparative Analysis of City and Road Coverage for 4 GSM Operators in Nigeria >>click to see enlarged map

This map attempts to bring to life the database showing the city coverage fr all the GSM operators in Nigeria. NCC can definitely use this composite map to track the city coverage of all operators.

Celtel's Operational Sites in Lagos Island

MTN's Operational Sites in Lagos Island


A comparative map showing the location of Glo sites against those of Celtel in Lagos >>Click here to see enlarged map

About STL: STL is Nigeria’s foremost mapping and GIS consulting company with offices in Lagos and UK. We specialize in developing geospatial databases and solutions about Nigeria for the Nigerian market. We have extensive experience in collecting and processing data from geographic information sources as digitized maps, satellite imageries and aerial data. STL is seriously investing in what is now regarded as Nigeria's largest geo-spatial database by any private company. STL will always be found at the forefront of GIS technology and innovation

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Globacom's Operational Sites in Lagos Island


STL can produce this customized map showing the location of all masts anywhere in Nigeria for MTN,, Celtel, Globacom, Starcomm, Intercellular, MTEL

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