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STL StreetData, is a fully connected, seamless digital (vector) map database that contains high-quality detail of the national road network across Nigeria. In addition to street names,  context layers (such as parks and waterways) are also included.

The StreetData Display dataset is ideal for integration into vehicle tracking applications or for online map purposes. In addition, the dataset is far smaller than the STL Routable database, and therefore generally displays much faster, which makes it ideal for services over an intranet/extranet.



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  • High positional and attribute accuracy

  • Ideal for integration with GPS applications

  • More than 310,000 km of roads

  • Minimum annual revision cycle for most capital cities and major regional centres

  • Contextual layers (rivers, parks, etc) included with street centreline data

  • Compatible with industry standard mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) software

Typical applications

  • Vehicle tracking

  • GPS Satellite Navigation

  • GIS Analysis

  • Corporate and government GIS

  • Intranet and extranet applications.


STL StreetData database is a national product, with consistent standard mapping attribution (road names, road types, road hierarchy, and suburb/town names) across Nigeria. The data is available for some 120 cities across Nigeria including the national highway.

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It is intended that updates to the database will be released annually. The latest release of STL StreetData (Version 8) was in March 2009.


STL StreetData is a database, not a software application, so GIS or mapping software is required to view or manipulate the map content. The StreetData database is built to comply with open, international standards, therefore the database can be readily loaded into a range of specialist applications.


STL StreetData can be provided, ready for use, in either ESRI (.SHP) or MapInfo (.TAB) formats, and is compatible with many other mapping systems capable of importing ESRI or MapInfo data. The map can overlay with our other high quality Digital Map products to provide a powerful interactive functionality, and is built to support integration with GPS applications.

Technical details

Formats available:

  • ESRI Shapefiles (.SHP) or interchange format (.E00)
  • MapInfo Tables (.TAB) or interchange format (.MID/.MIF)
  • Aircom ASSET

Projection & Datum

Maps can be provided in either geographic coordinates (Latitude/Longitude) or UTM (meters). The data is in WGS84 datum .


The following themes are included:


Detailed road centreline geometry, road names, road type, road hierarchy


State boundaries, Local Government boundaries and Electoral boundaries


Landuse, Rivers and lakes, railways and stations, coastline, major parks and built-up areas

Please note, a user guide and detailed metadata are provided with every product.


STL StreetData data is provided on DVD-ROM

Further information

 To order STL StreetData for any city contact us  or on 018533497 (Lagos) +447982996752 (UK)



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